The "Anchoring and Creation" tea

Le thé "Ancrage et Création"

Here is the first tea which is at the origin of the HOLISTEA brand.

Our designer has carefully crafted this range to offer you much more than tea: an experience towards holistic well-being.

Physical + energy well-being = holistic well-being

The theme of this tea revolves around the first two chakras. So you will find A tea, an energy crystal and a mantra specifically chosen in relation to the "root" and "sacred" chakras.

What do these chakras represent?

What tea?

Our supreme witch chose a black chai tea to resonate with your first 2 chakras.
  • Cinnamon and cardamom promote creativity,
  • Ginger and Pepper provide strength, confidence and willpower,
  • The clove soothes relationship conflicts.

What stone?

Red jasper is a highly protective stone that brings a feeling of serenity and unity. It anchors the energies and the physical body. Jasper communicates determination and courage to tackle problems with confidence. Jasper works perfectly with both chakras as it also stimulates creativity and sexuality.

What mantra?

A mantra is a powerful word or phrase. 
How it works ?
When brewing your tea, place your jasper next to your cup and take a moment. Breathe in ... Breathe out ... Refocus and repeat (aloud or in your head) the mantra. Be sure of yourself ... Take the weight of the words ... Speak them mindfully.

For further :

To complete the experience at home, yoga practice is the perfect way to stimulate your chakras. To do this, favor postures that open the hips, which circulate energy and moods in the lower body.
If you want to do a specific complete session "Anchoring and Creation", find our live instagram with our Yoga teacher and health practitioner specializing in Chinese medicine.
Start the session HERE
The tea, the jasper and the mantra all come together in a recyclable bag, the mantra is housed in a capsule 100% vegetable.
Ingredients: Ceylon black tea *, cardamom *, fennel *, ginger *, cinnamon *, cloves *, black pepper *. *From organic farming

100gr tea bag.

Ritual: 1 to 3 min at 90 ° C
WARNING : do not put in water or ingest the stone and capsule.



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