The three of cuts

Le trois de coupe
A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Celebration, marriage, friendship, party, entertainment, the third wheel.

The Three of Cups is an adorable celebration, friendship and bonding card. It indicates a time when you are open to strengthening and nurturing old friendships, as well as forming new bonds. This is a great time to help others and build community, to spend time with loved ones, and to enjoy the fellowship and love that the Universe has to offer. The imagery for this card came to me after a wonderful weekend spent with my dearest friends at a wedding. The following Monday, still under the influence of this magical moment, I sat down at my drawing board and pulled out a card at random. When the three of cups appeared, I knew it was perfect and, quickly, a small troop of celebrating animals showed up on my page. This card is a great omen for friendship and fun.

On the other hand, this card is warning you that something is wrong with your relationships or friendships. Could it be that a partnership, friendship, or romantic relationship suffers from the pervasive presence of a third person? Are there tensions between some of your friends that disrupt communication between you? Do you tend to party too much? Have you invested too much in committees or community obligations? Take some time to determine the source of the imbalance, assess your intimate relationships, and honestly examine yourself whether the presence of attachment or harmful behavior is unlikely to cause problems. "

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