The three of pentacle

Significaiton du trois de pentacle, tarot du funambule

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Diligence, hard work, teamwork, youth, learning, building the future.

The three of the pentacle usually represents a young worker or apprentice who works as a stonemason or builder in a cathedral. To illustrate this card, I was inspired by crows, because I am always amazed at how ingenious and hardworking these birds are. This card talks about having the skills to make your plans a reality. It is also a card that encourages people who are studying, learning a trade or looking to acquire new skills. You may be feeling overwhelmed with work, but rest assured, your hard work will not be wasted. Keep working diligently and you will see the rewards.

In one reading, the three of the pentacle represents the completion of a first cycle or goal and encourages you to pursue larger goals. This card is particularly relevant for businesses in the arts or business. If you are a new member of a team, this card reminds you that your contribution and your contribution will be essential and appreciable. Don't underestimate your worth! This card indicates that your education, skills and competencies should be used to achieve your goals. Now is a good time to put in motion what you want to accomplish. You may find that people will notice your potential and your contribution, and this may open up new possibilities for you! To do this, you need to keep an open mind to the suggestions of others, especially now, as a mentor or the like could help you progress.

Conversely, the three of the pentacle could indicate that you are in a situation where you allow someone to take advantage of you. If you have to do an internship as part of your studies or your profession, in order to showcase your skills, this should not become exploitation. You will need to be assertive and point out to people that your time and effort are valuable. This card can sometimes mean that someone is trying to discredit you, which will make you look bad in the eyes of others. "

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