The three of sword

Signification du trios d'épée, tarot.

Keywords :
Grief, separation, depression, disorder, confusion, old hurt, darkness.


The three of swords is the card of broken hearts. It often appears in times of grief, loss or betrayal. It sometimes happens that this card admonishes the applicant: “perhaps it is you who are causing pain to others; it would be nice to think about it. The backdrop for this map is always stormy or tumultuous skies, a symbol of the darkness that emanates from this map. In some positions, the map will make it clear that you are holding onto the past or grieving, and that this attitude is holding you back from progressing. Have you experienced anything in the past that makes it difficult for you to trust others or yourself?

Often, this card urges the applicant to deal with painful experiences from his past or present in order to better step into the light. In this place, this card is generally seen as negative, but conversely, it talks about difficulties you have already overcome or things that have strengthened you and enriched you with valuable experience. In particular, this card might alert you to unnecessary suffering you have inflicted on yourself; whether it was an argument or a pain that could have been avoided, or even physical injury or illness. The three of sword might also warn you of the darkness that has been going on for too long in your life. You risk reveling in a negative emotional, psychological or physical state. So it's time to wake up and step out of the darkness. If you want to heal, you'll have to take action, draw your sword and heal your wounds. While you breathe, you can still embrace the light.

(taken from the book "Tightrope walker tarot").

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