The cutting valet

signification d valet de coupe, tarot

The word of the creator of the linetrider tarot:

Creativity, new project, inspiration, unconsciousness, withdrawal in itself, intuition.

The valet of couple is a good omen for the beginning of a creative project, a new adventure or relationship. This is an indication that there is new energy and an opportunity to carry out new projects. Your unconscious expresses itself, perhaps through dreams, coincidences or synchronous events. The message is that you had to be open to the chance intuitions, perhaps even bizarre, of the creative mind. The cutting jack can also indicate that you have a very sharp intuition and that you can pick up messages from your unconscious. If you have a hunch or a hunch about something, listen. This card often means that you will receive good news, even if it affects you emotionally. In my drawing, the character turns away from the viewer to symbolize his need to withdraw into himself and listen to the voice of his unconscious. The fish that jumps from the cup evokes creativity and a link with the watery depths of the unconscious.

In a reading, the cutting jack will often mean a message indicating the beginning of something: an engagement, a birth, a new relationship or positive news about business opportunities. Otherwise, this card can also announce the arrival of a messenger, a kind and gentle person who can lead to positive changes in your life. Be on the lookout for this message or messenger within five days of the card appearing.

In the negative aspect, the cutting valet can mean that you have closed in on yourself. This map can represent escapism, immaturity or emotional disturbances. She may also notify you of an unwanted message or messenger. In this case, you will have to be careful what might happen within five days of the appearance of this card. Don't accept new projects or relationships at first sight; Be sure to follow your intuition and listen to your little inner voice even if everything looks perfect from the outside. Be especially wary of new people who are young and immature; it could cause negative upheavals in your life."

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