The pentacle valet

Le valet de pentacle
New project, prosperity, luck, investment, desire, long-term success.
The pentacle valet is a map that represents the beginnings, the inspiration and it symbolizes the nascent stages of a creative project or an adventure. The pentacles that correspond to the Earth and prosperity, are a good omen for financial or material success in a new business. If you put the proper care, the seeds you plant it will produce an abundance of fruit.  The pentacle valet is a card that urges you to make your dreams come true. Thanks to your attention and care, your new business will be successful.
In a reading, valets often play the role of messenger. You may soon receive a message on financial matters; it is therefore advisable to open this envelope, even if it is an invoice that you prefer to throw away. Whatever the message of a reading, the pentacle valet will always introduce a financial aspect. A reading about romantic relationships could tell you a lot about a potential partner, but if that valet appears, you can rest assured that finances will affect the relationship.
Upside down, the pentacle valet might indicate that something is hurting your ability to achieve your dreams and goals. Maybe you lack the skills, planning the support needed for a project, and now it's time to work on those things before moving forward. It is important that the soil is ploughed and fertilized before sowing the seeds. To do this, you need to focus on the long-term potential of what you want to accomplish and build a solid foundation.

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