The sword knave

signification du valet d'épée, tarot

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Vigilance, diplomacy, tact, intellectual capacity, talent, youth, messenger.

The Jack of the Cross represents honesty, truth, integrity and new perspectives. It is a map of words and ideas rather than feelings and hunches. This card shows a young knave standing on a windy hill with a sword pointing upwards. The sword symbolizes truth, clarity and the ability of the mind to get to the heart of a problem or situation. The valet's position on a hill allows him to better see the landscape unfolding under his feet. All of my valets were drawn in the guise of young women, but I wanted this one to look more neutral, with unisex style and clothing.

In a reading, this card often predicts the arrival of a message or messenger. It could indicate that a young, or young looking person has entered or will enter your life, or that you yourself represent the voice of youth in a new situation. The Jack of the Cross often manifests itself when you are entering a new phase in life or when a new opportunity presents itself. This card may encourage you to say the bottom of your mind at work or in a relationship, even if you feel that your message may be naive or straightforward, or that it will not be received well. My knave is firmly tied to messages and messengers, which is why I have designed envelopes that flutter in the wind around the character.

Conversely, the Jack of the Cross indicates that a devious or manipulative person may be working against you, or that the actions of a thoughtful or self-centered person could be affecting your life. Or, like my friend's case, you may have to deliver an unhappy or difficult message. Since the Jack of the Swords often announces messages, this card might indicate some nasty news knocking on your door. This card gives you another caveat: be careful about gossip, malicious people, and meanness. "

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