The emperor


A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Leadership, authority, reason, structure, discipline, male power, maturity, stubbornness.

The Emperor is the masculine principle, the animus corresponding to the anima of the Empress. He is a patriarch and he represents power and authority. He is the father figure of the tarot, the provider and the protector. While other cards like the Empress and the High Priestess ask you to search the realm of the subconscious for answers, the Emperor (like the King of Cups) favors the intellect over the heart. If you are faced with complex choices or situations, now is the time to call on your experience, authority and practical knowledge. In one read, this card urges you to adopt the Emperor's attitude and confidence. In some cases, this card tells you that you might be interacting with an Emperor and that your best course of action is to offer your expertise and knowledge. These are the qualities that the Emperor respects and values.

In a reading, the Emperor often represents a strong and dominant male character in your life. This is especially true if the card appears in the past. It could be a father, boss, older brother, or teacher who has had an influence on you and your current journey. In business, the surrounding maps can invite you to put aside any emotions or concerns about your relationships and focus on data, facts, and a lucid analysis of the situation. Organization and discipline are your best assets right now.

Conversely, the card may indicate an abuse of power, an overbearing personality, or someone with tyrannical behavior. Too rigid and materialistic an attitude or vision could jeopardize your plans and harm your relationships. When the Emperor appears in the inverted position, the surrounding cards do not ask you to discard logic or structure, but rather to do everything in your power to bring the situation back to its positive side. Now is not the time to revolt or reject your own authority. Now is the time to use a structured approach, with calm, logic and discipline, in order to achieve the best and most satisfying result for you. "

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