The Hermit

signification ermite, tarot

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Loneliness, self-confidence, study, search for a soul mate, patience, isolation, lack of leadership.

L'Ermite’s card speaks of introspection, withdrawal and isolation. From several interpretations of different animals, I chose the bear because of its association with hibernation and caves. This bear is injured, but the injury is the source of new life. The Hermit may indicate that the time is right to take care of yourself and devote more time to your personal growth and education. Virgo is associated with this card, as is the number nine, and the star in the lantern has six branches (the seal of Solomon, symbol of wisdom).
In a reading, L'Ermite most often represents the petitioner. Sometimes this card points to another important person close to you; but it's your intuition that will tell you. For example, if the question is about love, the Hermit might point to a spouse or romantic partner who appears distant, emotionally unavailable, or decidedly closed off. Hermit in the future may mean that your current course of action risks loneliness.

Conversely, The Hermit may mean that you are not devoting enough time to personal reflection, healing, or study. But conversely, this inverted map could indicate that you are spending too much time in excessive isolation and that it is time to step out of your den to find the sunlight. You may lose important connections with others because you will have neglected his relationships during your hibernation. "

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