The Empress

signification de l'impératrice, tarot.

A word from the creator of the Linestrider tarot:

Development, contentment, creativity, passion, fertility, abundance, children, motherhood, happiness, art, prosperity.

Under the rule of Venus, the Empress represents creativity, fertility, artistry, harmony, luxury, beauty and grace. She is the ultimate female archetype, the anima, Demeter, The Goddess of Fertility. The Empress herself is a fully developed, caring and peaceful woman. She wears a crown of stars representing her connection to the cosmos. I drew her in the company of a monkey and a tiger: animals that represent intelligence and playfulness, as well as ferocity in case of need her naked breast and her open posture symbolizes sexuality, the mutual aid and maternal care.
In a Reading, the Empress indicates a deep connection with the feminine, or the need to establish one. It represents the fertility of the mind and the body. Now is the time to nurture new ideas and new projects.

If the question is about a financial situation, the Empress is a good omen for prosperity. Usually, this card indicates that other people are attracted to you and your ideas. The ground is fertile for starting a new business. If you are looking for business advice, The Empress might encourage you to focus on communications, relationships, and network building rather than taking a confrontational approach to professional challenges. Emotionally, it could indicate pregnancy, childbirth, or a closer bond with children. The Empress also refers to comfort, the ultimate aspect of the Goddess of the Home. It can evoke a marriage, a permanent installation or a prosperous home.

Conversely, the card may indicate that you are drawing too much on your feminine strengths to help others. Perhaps you allow the emotional or material needs of others to take over more than you should. Your ability to help others requires that you conserve your own strengths and resources. On the downside, this card could indicate that you use your masculine side more, to the detriment of the feminine. You have to find the right balance in your life in order to reach your full potential. Conversely, the Empress can bring up problems related to fertility or pregnancy, or an imbalance in your relationship with children. Finally, the card sometimes evokes a selfish or sufficient attitude. Do you just sit comfortably on your throne, shielded from an established situation, while another person works hard to support you? Or is this the case with someone in your life? Remember, an imbalance in the balance of power rarely lasts. You might have other people working for you, but if you don't do your fair share, your throne could quickly fall apart. "

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