Blood Moon

Lune de Sang

This Friday, July 27th we will be able to admire the longest lunar eclipse of the century. Indeed, the total phase will be visible from the east of France (east of the Bordeaux, Paris, Lille line) from 9:30 p.m. to 11:13 p.m.

Blood Moon

The Moon's journey through the Earth's shadow and penumbra cones. © Johan Kieken

First of all, what is a lunar eclipse? This phenomenon occurs when the star of the night finds itself in the shadow of the Earth. The Sun, Earth and Moon are all aligned, so the Sun's rays are "blocked" by our planet.

But why does the Moon colour a colourRedhead, copper, before disappearing into the shadows?It is the rays of the Sun that will pass through the Earth's atmosphere that will cause this slightly reddish hue, much like when the Sun sets on the horizon.

What influences does the Blood Moon have on us? Nothing is scientifically proven but personally my cat is untenable on full moon evenings as well as the days surrounding this period. So don't be surprised by insomnia or a little more aggression than usual.

Little more, Mars will also be visible with its caramel color during this night of show so raise your head! And also take out your stones to recharge them.

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