Potion Verveine and Fresh Orange

Potion Verveine et Orange fraiche

This potion was passed on to me by a grandmother from the South East of France. I often realize it and love it as hot as cold. In the summer I even make one Cold Brew and I sip it all day long. I remind you from time to time that we need to drink a minimum of 1.5L of water a day for our bodies to function effectively. Thanks to water we eliminate much better, good bye cellulite and migraine etc ... Then replace sodas and other sugary drinks with this wellness potion! In addition to the Verbena Is

known for itsdigestive properties, it is

also useful in the event of astress, anxiety, insomnia or depression.


1. Place a few freshly cut slices of orange in a teapot or other container. Add a few vervein leaves.

2. Infuse with 95oC of water for 5 minutes or cold (cold water or room temperature) for several hours (3 to 8 hours).

3.C's ready!

What about the magical powers of The Verveine? Here's some info for Witch Apprentices:

Verveine purifies emotions, promotes high feelings (prayer, meditative states, spiritual elevation) and artistic creation. It is widely used in various magical rites of love, purification or well-being in general.

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