Sandakphu Premium Tippy

Sandakphu Premium Tippy

Sandakphu Premium Tippy is a black tea, grand cru, which comes from Nepal. And yes, now that my palate is refined, I am embarking on tasting great wines and I will share everything with you!

First of all it attracted me because I had never tasted tea produced in Nepal. There are three production regions in this country: Terai, Ilam and Dhankuta. This one comes from Ilam, a high altitude region, and is part of the spring harvest (2017 exactly).


Dandakphu premium tippy 1


The leaves are quite long, nicely twisted and there are quite a few buds. At the smell I smelled brioche but also a floral side. I can't wait to taste it!


Sandakphu liqueur


I made it infuse 3min45 at 85 ° C. The liquor is a light golden color and I smell the floral side well. At the tasting, a lot of things happen! First a fresh attack then I really smelled the brioche with orange blossom (yes yes! A delight). The texture is silky, slightly buttery, oily. Then comes a fine astringency at the end of the mouth.

With the second infusion I find that we lose in buttery gluttony to leave room for more astringency.

In conclusion, I liked discovering this tea for its very delicious flavors. It is a tea that will surely surprise your guests! The price clearly indicates that it is a grand cru: 38 € / Kg. If you would like to find any on my e-shop, please let me know.


Alison Carminati,

founder of Charm in a Tea

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