Find a soul mate? Yes but shine above all!

Trouver l'âme soeur ? Oui mais brillez avant tout !

Letter to my (the most desperate) girlfriends.

Yes because we all have a girlfriend at the end of the roll because her celibacy began about 150 years ago (or which chain the ... guys not made for her).
First of all I think we all agree that if a relationship hasn't worked out, it's better to learn a lesson, a life lesson, and not repeat the same pattern with another person. Otherwise, it is because you did not understand what the Universe wants to instill in you (and it is left for the crying, the "but I do not understand why"). Personally since I stopped the body-built twinks who look at each other the navel, it is much better strangely ... (and my darling is so much sexier). IN SHORT !

Once this step is taken, let's talk about you. Yes just from YOU. You know that before being a couple (yes one day it will happen to you I swear to you), you are a magnificent cosmic being. The first thing to put on your to do list(although I don't like this very oppressive and materialistic concept, I'm sure you do use one every now and then) is:


If you are like me (a witch) you know that in addition to your physical body you have a soul, an aura and this is the most important, especially for the cosmic attraction of one of your soul mates (yes because we have several at different times of our life, friends or love).

The main thing from now on is to think about you and not your ego (which keeps wanting to crush your soul and compare itself to others and their lives - their dream Instagrams -). Do things that awaken your soul, that light up your aura. Do good to your authentic "you". Walk barefoot in a park, order the best Latte to go to your aqua-pony class, or dance to that surprisingly catchy music on the supermarket shelves (while you hunt for chia seeds).
Diffuse your good energies, shine for yourself and the law of attraction of the Universe will not be long in depositing your soul mate in your life (at the most unsuspected moment).
To help you on the path to this achievement, I have some tips drawn from my daily Magic. Use plants, crystals and magical visualizations. Here are some examples :

  • Drink a tea that promotes love like raspberry-violet green tea , the tea complicit, or green tea with rose.

  • Take yours rose quartz (after cleaning and channeling it), close your eyes and ask it, through a mantra, to make you shine. You can do this at the start of the day by drinking your tea, in the evening by taking your bath (by placing the crystal on the edge of the bathtub and putting a pinch of your tea in the water) or during your scented meditation by your Palo Santo

If you are in depression (spoonful of spread in your mouth) and you have found in this article a new inspiration, a new path to explore, I am really happy. If you have a girlfriend in this specific case, share it with her (in private, of course, don't post it on her networks ... though ...).

Kisses full of Love to all.

Alison your Supreme Witch,

letter inspired by my awesome new book "Cosmic girl"by Mélody Szymczak.

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