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"Cold Brew"

"Cold Brew"

The "cold brew" technique is good, but what is it? It simply means "cold brew". The principle is to put your tea in a container containing water and let it infuse between 8 and 10 hours at room temperature or in the refrigerator. In addition to being practical and very simple to make, the "cold brew" has advantages:

- It reveals different and new flavors

- It avoids astringency, bitterness of tea (obtained because of an infusion that is too hot or too long)

- It preserves all the virtues of plants such as vitamins, antioxidants etc ...


My little ritual is to prepare it the day before, so in the morning I filter my tea and I take it with me. I recommend doing it with black tea Strawberry Raspberry, tea Magic Detox or the Thor's awakening. You can also do it in an infusion version withApple infusion for example (one should not drink too much tea every day).

It's up to you to get started!

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