Once upon a time, a beneficent witch ...

Holistea is originally a Toulouse tea design start-up created in 2017. Alison, the founder and tea master, trained in Hong Kong, develops exclusive recipes to offer you marked and innovative flavors, recognized by the greatest chefs Occitans like Yannick Delpech or Thomas Vonderscher, Michelin-starred chefs.


More than a tea house, Holistea is expanding its offer to the field of holistic wellness. Here we speak of "vibration" and "energy", from plants and crystals. From lithotherapy to the practice of yoga, from the powers of the moon to the sacred feminine, Alison has studied the benefits of nature to share them with you. Our supreme witch will introduce you in a fun and uninhibited way to this ancestral knowledge brought up to date.


In our shop, you will find teas, infusions, "whipped cream" body butters in the name of Unicorn or vegan soaps adorned with an energy crystal. We promote craftsmanship and natural well-being, come and discover our Universe and put Magic in your life!