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Garder la forme et lutter contre le stress avec le MORINGA

Stay in shape and fight stress with MORINGA

Every time we get out of winter, it's the same thing: the lack of light, excess food, the pace of work, the change in temperatures ... all these elements put our body to the test, causing fatigue, lower morale and seasonal illnesses such as the common cold.

To fight against this phenomenon, MORINGA has many assets. Its regular consumption will provide you with the necessary weapons to boost your body.


The ideal MORINGA to fight fatigue and stress

Native to India, the moringa is a tree known astree of Life with reference to his many medicinal virtues and his nutritional benefits. Used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, all parts of MORINGA are edible: from the roots to leaves and fruits. It is considered a super food thanks to its extraordinary characteristics:

Indeed, rich in more than 96 antioxidants, vitamins B, C, E, A as well as antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory properties, MORINGA is the ideal ally for boost your immune system.

MORINGA is also very rich in essential amino acids, it is ideal for avoiding fatigue when resuming sports activity: its high protein content (more than 30g of protein per 100g, or more than red meat) will help you fight cramps and muscle stiffness.

As a bonus, it will help you fight against the aging of your cells and protect your skin against attacks from the outside world.

The amazing properties of MORINGA


How to consume MORINGA?

MORINGA can be eaten fresh or dried. It can be found commercially in the form of powder or of dried leaves but it is sometimes possible to find it in pharmacies in the form of roots.

Its special taste will be easily forgotten in a smoothie, in pastries or in salads, but it is mainly in the form of tea that it will be the easiest to absorb. It is enough to pour boiling water on the leaves to consume it as an infusion.

You will be advised to consume it two to three times a day in order to fully experience the benefits throughout the day.

Containing neither caffeine nor theine, it will not prevent you from sleeping and can therefore be consumed in the evening.

We offer you MORINGA in its dried form in 25 to 100g bag


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