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La Détox mythe ou réalité ?

The Detox myth or reality?

From spring, detox is on everyone's lips. So trendy, celebrity fad or real utility, here is a little info for less intoxication.

During our life we ​​accumulate a mass of waste in our body. Holistic medicine claims that the main cause of illnesses is the presence of these toxic substances. Where do they come from? To begin with, we must distinguish two types of fouling: intoxication and intoxication.

 is an accumulation of toxins due to wastes and residues from:

  • the functioning of the body
  • degradation of tissues and their waste
  • the breakdown of food substances by the body
  • stress that monopolizes too much energy and disrupts the elimination organs

Intoxication it is due to the presence of substances that should not enter our body. It is generated:

  • orally (pesticides on crops and livestock, dyes, preservatives, etc.)
  • through the skin (dermo-cosmetic products that contain harmful substances, etc.)
  • through the respiratory tract (tobacco, pollution, etc.)

These unwanted elements interfere with the proper functioning of your body. The root cause of diseases is therefore not the microbe but fouling of the body which makes it a favorable ground for its installation.

Detoxification is the best method to eliminate waste, in particular through drainages.

Drainages consist of stimulating the work of filtration of the blood and eliminating toxins by the various emunctories from the body.

In this article I have chosen to focus on renal emunctory.

Urine is the result of the filtration of blood by the kidneys. It contains about 95% water, the rest being composed of organic waste (urea, uric acid, mineral salts ...). Diuretics are drainers which stimulate the filtering and elimination of the kidneys. Chemical diuretics are to be avoided because they strongly damage the kidneys, on the other hand, the Magic of Nature is perfect for an action deep and durable

You can do cures of fruits and vegetables (cherry, melon, apple, artichoke, asparagus, celery, cabbage, fennel, leek ...). The water in large quantities is also a very good drainer as well as clay and cabbage poultices on the kidneys or massages on plantar reflex zones. Finally you can use medicinal plants such as linden sapwood, meadowsweet and of course nettle!

I particularly like the powers of nettle that I mix in my detox potions for an optimal effect on your body. Discover the Hygieia detox and the Exotic detox for cleanse your body and naturally repel diseases.

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