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Other names: Lammas, Logmios, Harvest Festival, Bread Festival.

Pronounce Lou-na-ça. This Sabbath is celebrated on August 1 and corresponds to the time of the first harvests as the sunlight begins to decline at the end of summer. Despite everything the solar star lavishes its heat and vitality through the abundant harvests. Cereals such as wheat and corn are the primary elements of this Sabbath since they represent the fertility of the earth.

It is a resolutely agricultural festival during which breads are donated to both gods and goddesses and the poor. Talismanic dolls were sometimes fashioned from the first (or last) sheaf of wheat harvested to be kept until spring or burnt as a sacrifice.

Lughnasadh is a good time to perform rituals regarding a need for change or to remove an obstacle from life.

Regarding teas and infusions to drink during this Sabbath I recommend theHojicha tea which, with its grilled side, will remind you of the drought of summer. In infusion I suggest you drink, hot or cold, the gourmet infusion Almond Cloud for its popcorn according to the period.




(sources of my beloved book: "The 4 Elements of Natural Magic")


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