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L'Univers de la lithothérapie

The universe of lithotherapy

Lithotherapy means to heal (therapeia) by stones (lithos).

But how does it work ?

I will try to initiate you with a very simple summary but I invite you to leaf through books to dig if you want to know more (references at the end of the article).

Our Universe is only energy - vibration - movement.

All the elements of Nature (humans, plants, stones ...) are made up of particles that vibrate and interact with everything around them. The stones seem boringly immobile to us, but they vibrate very strongly. Being from the belly of the Earth, their vibrations are extremely stable and therefore capable of modifying those of humans which they are much less stable.

lithotherapy, amethyst, energy crystal.

Why take advantage of the energy of stones?

As we said, the energies of the human being are more malleable. Just as one day we are tired and the other in great shape, that sometimes we lose or gain weight, our energies fluctuate.

Entering the world of lithotherapy is to start a journey towards self-knowledge and the search for holistic well-being.

Our modern world squeezes us like lemons, to the last drop! Every day we feel stress (pollution, traffic, obligations, homework ...), urgency, lack of time, as if we were constantly running after something. We are gradually deviating from our essence.

Lithotherapy allows you to (re) connect to yourself, to the Universe. It helps by introspection, to know us and to anchor us in ourselves.

The goal is to align, to be in phase, to no longer undergo this infernal cadence which unbalances us.

Whatever our needs, the stones accompany us in our changes, in order to (re) become ourselves.


lithotherapy, choose a stone, choose a crystal

How to choose a stone?

Simply trust yourself! Develop your sensitivity, turn your brain OFF and let your instinct, your intuition act. Do not choose a stone for its description or its aesthetics (it is the ego that manipulates you!). Do the opposite: first let yourself be called by the type of stone, its color or its shape.

There is often a real difference between what we think is appropriate for us and what our energy really needs.

If the appeal is very easy to feel when choosing in store, you can do the same online.
Let yourself be invaded by its power. Feel it. You don't know it but you can feel it, that's it, you need this stone. Now that your intuition has done the work, you can discover its properties via its description. At the time of purchase, set an intention so that the seller can choose the right stone for you. So you will receive exactly the one you need.

rock crystal, lithotherapy

How to welcome a stone?

First of all it must be purified. There are different methods of purification but I prefer to use that of incense because some stones are not compatible with salt or water (danger of toxicity!).

Once you have bought (with love and care) your new stone, rub it gently with a soft cloth or a brush then pass it under the smoke of an incense of your choice (sage, Palo Santo...). 

To do this, immerse yourself in the present moment and direct the intention to reset it to the stone. Purification allows you to erase the energies that your stone has exchanged with all the people who have manipulated it before you since it was extracted from the ground.

sage purification


After "rebooting" your stone, it's time to get to know it. To feel yourself, to create your own connection, your connection. Tell her what you expect, why you chose her, how she can be useful to you. Keep it with you for a few days, a week, it's up to you. Everyone has their own practice, each one has their own intuition.

Now that you and your stone are in sync, it's time to load it! Just as we water our plants, give it all its power so that it can vibrate to the maximum and flood you with its properties.

The easiest way is to expose it for several hours to the light of the Sun or Moon (yes the stones also have their preferences).

Once loaded at the "max level", it will be ready to harmonize you (you or your interior, or your plants, or ... the field of possibilities is wide and we'll talk about it!).

Don't hesitate to recharge it regularly when you feel it needs it.

A personal anecdote: I like to do my yoga by laying my stone at the end of the carpet. I feel like there is a lot of exchange while I'm practicing. I can't tell if I'm the one recharging it or vice versa but there's an interaction that I love.

I give you some of my knowledge, it's up to you to write your own story.


Supreme Witch of Charm in a Tea.




Article inspired by "The Bible of Crystals"from Judy Hall, from "Stonewater - mineral elixirs" of Laure Vallée and "The great book of stones - crystals" by Mily Robin.



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