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This Sabbath takes place during the autumn equinox (September 22 or 23). Day and night are again of equal duration, but darkness is about to reign for the rest of the year. Nature is gradually declining to prepare for winter rest.

Mabon highlights the leaves which are beginning to take on their ocher colors, the seasonal leaves of brown, red and orange. This Sabbath is a period of plenty which marks the second phase of the harvests with the harvest of cereals and other harvests. This is also the time to put the spotlight on seeds, nuts, berries, apples and grapes.

This time is perfect for building up energy before the dark times of the year, for purifying your home, for doing renewal work on yourself, or for making personal changes.

(from my beloved book "The 4 elements of natural magic ")

On this occasion I have selected 6 teas and infusions that perfectly embody Mabon: Pecan Cookie Green TeaAlmond green tea,  Black tea Grape Nuts, Black tea Cocoa Nuts, Apple infusion.


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