Ostara, équinoxe de printemps, wicca, sabbat, sorcière, wiccan.

Ostara represents the spring equinox, one of the two points of balance of the year. In fact, night and day have the same duration of twelve hours. The days are getting longer and the light is about to prevail over the darkness.

In this season the thaw has started, the sunlight finally awakens the earth, the buds are spreading in the trees and the flowers are showing their colors. This Sabbath is placed under the aegis of rebirth, fertility and new beginnings. We all know the symbols of this period but do we know the meanings? The hare is the symbol of fertility and initiation and the egg alone represents the genesis of the world, the germination of lives to come.

Ostara is the perfect time to work on self-improvement, motivation or even starting a new beginning.

To celebrate this Sabbath you can decorate your home with seasonal flowers such as peach, cherry, daffodils and daffodils. But also colored eggs, bells and rabbits, whether in chocolate, sugar, wood or any other material.

(taken from the book "The 4 elements of natural Magic")

Ostara is the perfect time for this Box full of little treasures. Also taste the tea Jasmine.

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