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Sam Hain

(Suo Wen). This Sabbath is sometimes considered to be the main Sabbath of witches. It is also known as Halloween, the night before November, death day or the festival of all saints. The meeting will be held from the evening of October 31 to November 1.

This party has nothing to do with the dark arts or other dark rituals. It's also an important festival for Celtic. For us, it's the end of the year and a new beginning.

Samhain marks a new stage of reflection, with the relentless increase of nights, a perfect moment to evoke the memory of our ancestors. Tonight, the door between the dead and the living will open, and the souls of the dead can come back for a few hours to teach us their wisdom.

This Sabbath is a good time to communicate with the soul world (be careful and respectful), meditate on your previous life, and end useless plans or relationships. The time between sunset and dawn is an ideal time for divination.

(from my favorite book: "Four elements of natural magic")


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