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"Celebrate Yule" candle

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Winter collection

This candle smells like hot gingerbread straight out of the oven. Let yourself be enveloped by its comforting scent and immerse yourself in the Universe of Yule (Christmas among the witches).

You will smell honey and Christmas spices, cinnamon, vanilla, caramel, star anise but also candied ginger and citrus zest.

Our advice: light your candle for 1 hour every day. As the days go by, you will feel its fragrance increase.

The Wicca moment:

Admire the beautiful "goldstone" which adorns the candle. Although made by the hand of man we selected it because it perfectly matches the colors of Yule: red and gold.



Handmade candle with 100% vegetable wax and cotton wick.
The fragrance is guaranteed without CMR or phthalate for safe combustion for your health.
Dimensions: pround ot 10cl - Height 6.2 cm - Diameter 6.6 cm - 20 hours of lighting.




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