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Candle "Witch in the Forest"

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Winter Collection


This candle is our favorite in the workshop because it smells infinitely good the fir tree. Take a breath of fresh air and wander through this forest like a witch in search of fresh herbs for a future potion.

Let in the christmas spirit and its iconic Christmas tree.

Our advice: light your candle every day for 1 hour. As the days go by, you will feel its fragrance increase.

The Wicca moment:

For a little more Magic, we added a green aventurine in this candle. This crystal comforts and protects the heart. A general balance, it brings things under control by dispelling negative emotions and thoughts.



Handmade candle with 100% vegetable wax and a cotton wick.
Perfume is guaranteed without CMR or phthalate for safe combustion for your health.
Dimensions: pot round 10cl - Height 6.2 cm - Diameter 6.6 cm - 20 hours of ignition.




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