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Incense "Sparkling Gold Yuzu"

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"A scent coated with golden and slightly bitter glitter with its yuzu (Japanese citrus) for a sparkling fragrance in your home."

Immerse your refined senses in nature's abundant gifts. This incense is made with meticulously selected herbal fragrances.

Product specificity:

ingredients100% natural.
Non-toxic, no chemicals added.
Each package contains30 sticksas well as aceramic incense holder.
Burning time: ± 25 minutes and will perfume your entire interior.
Don't leave burning incense unattended.
Open your windowsto circulate energy and to take full advantage of all the aromas of incense.


Nippon Kodo incense
Nippon Kodo's fragrances combine the secret of tightly guarded preparations, more than 400 years old and the sensibility of modern perfumers.
Indeed, they evolve the old tradition to create exquisite fragrances. Finally, experienced craftsmen carefully finish each product by paying attention to all aspects of the production process: kneading, cutting, selecting, rolling and packaging.